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Automated software testing and verification

Jan Tobias Muehlberg
Thursday March 12, 16:00 - 17:30
Short description

Discover a technology stack that allows us to construct distributed software systems with well-defined security guarantees. We will address testing, formal verification, and runtime isolation.


Software vulnerabilities occur when a system can be abused in ways not anticipated by the designers, developers, or testers. The conventional approach to finding vulnerabilities resembles the search for a needle in a haystack and testers may miss critical issues. This talk focuses on approaches to automated testing and software analysis. Many tools in this field integrate efficiently with current approaches to secure software development and security testing. We also explore how to integrate a verified component in untrusted computing infrastructure.

Key takeaway

Understand the interplay of testing, verification, and runtime support to secure software systems.

Content level


Target audience

Architects, developers, testers, software security and verification engineers


Development and testing experience.

Jan Tobias Muehlberg

Jan Tobias Muehlberg

Research Manager, imec-DistriNet, KU Leuven

Jan Tobias Muehlberg works as a research manager at imec-DistriNet, KU Leuven (BE). He is active in the fields of software security, formal verification and validation of software systems, specifically for embedded systems and low-level operating system components. Tobias is particularly interested in security architectures for safety-critical embedded systems and for the Internet of Things.

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