Important notice about SecAppDev 2020

Due to the current situation with COVID-19 (Corona), with deep regret, we feel bound to postpone SecAppDev 2020 indefinitely. While there have been no official instructions to postpone events such as ours or reduce travel, both attendees and speakers have informed us that they are unable to attend SecAppDev.

We hope everyone in SecAppDev stays healthy, and wish everyone the best for the coming months.

SecAppDev 2020 Lecture Details

OAuth 2.0 Security Reinforced

Dr. Torsten Lodderstedt
Wednesday March 11, 16:00 - 17:30
Short description

OAuth 2.0 has become the standard for API authorization. Practical experience and security research have shown a need for updated security guidelines that will be presented in this session.


The OAuth working group recently decided to discourage the use of the implicit grant. However, that's just the most prominent recommendation that will be published in the upcoming OAuth 2.0 Security Best Current Best Practice ( The password grant is discouraged as well, the code flow shall be used with PKCE only, and tokens should be sender-constrained to mention a few. This session will present the new security guidelines in detail, along with the underlying rationales.

Key takeaway

Understand the do's and don'ts of OAuth 2.0

Content level


Target audience

Anyone building, designing or securing API-based applications


OAuth 2.0 basics

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Dr. Torsten Lodderstedt

Dr. Torsten Lodderstedt


Dr.-Ing. Torsten Lodderstedt is CTO of, a startup building an identity scheme for banks and their customers. With more than a decade experience in building and running large scale identity services he regularly contributes to OAuth & OpenID. His current focus is on OAuth Security and its use in security sensitive applications like financial services and remote electronic signing.

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