Important notice about SecAppDev 2020

Due to the current situation with COVID-19 (Corona), with deep regret, we feel bound to postpone SecAppDev 2020 indefinitely. While there have been no official instructions to postpone events such as ours or reduce travel, both attendees and speakers have informed us that they are unable to attend SecAppDev.

We hope everyone in SecAppDev stays healthy, and wish everyone the best for the coming months.

SecAppDev 2020 Lecture Details

Blueprint for secure JavaScript development

Marcin Hoppe
Thursday March 12, 11:00 - 12:30
Short description

The Web runs on JavaScript. This session introduces patterns, tools, and processes for building secure applications in this important but often misunderstood and abused programming language.


JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages and an essential tool for building Web applications and APIs. Many developers and application security engineers do not know how to approach secure JavaScript development.

This session seeks to close this gap by looking at vulnerabilities unique to JavaScript and showcasing patterns that prevent them. The talk will demonstrate leveraging unique JavaScript capabilities and open source tools to aid security testing (SAST, IAST, DAST). We will also take a look at supply chain threats that are prevalent in the JavaScript ecosystem.

Key takeaway

The right approach to JavaScript application development helps prevent vulnerabilities, both in the browser and on the backend.

Content level


Target audience

Anyone interested in building and securing JavaScript applications.


Basic familiarity with JavaScript programming and Web application development will be helpful but is not required.

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Marcin Hoppe

Marcin Hoppe

Senior Manager, Product Security, Auth0

Marcin Hoppe leads the Product Security team at Auth0, an identity platform for application builders. He is passionate about building secure applications using JavaScript and promoting security best practices and responsible disclosure in this ecosystem. Marcin is also a member of the Node.js Ecosystem Security Working Group under the OpenJS Foundation where his work is focused on running the bug bounty program for third-party Node.js packages.

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