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Trust & safety II - Best practices & current topics

Lexi Galantino
Thursday March 12, 09:00 - 10:30
Short description

Following “Intro to trust & safety”, this session will concern more advanced trust & safety design problems. We’ll also look at the current edge of research and recent product experiments and discuss their implications.


In “Intro to Trust & Safety” earlier, we learned about how to identify and prevent the most common types of abuse vectors. In this session, we’ll take a deeper dive into more advanced best practices and current topics in the field. Specifically, we will look at research, features, and outcomes that we’ve seen so far that have shaped our decision-making today. Then, we’ll tour a selection of user stories to illustrate currently unsolved problems. As a warning, this session will discuss domestic violence and various topics related to online harassment.

Key takeaway

Trust & safety is an evolving field with active research. Attendees will get a tour of the current state and consider some advanced user stories.

Content level


Target audience

This session is intended for anyone who designs, builds, or secures software for users.


I recommend to first attend “Intro to Trust & Safety” earlier this week. A working understanding of trust & safety-type abuse vectors is needed.

Lexi Galantino

Lexi Galantino

Software Engineer, Community & Safety team, GitHub

Lexi is a software engineer on GitHub's Community & Safety team, where she builds features to ensure user privacy, trust, and safety on In addition, she enjoys speaking and teaching about online Trust & Safety, the design and implementation principles that enable positive and trustful interactions between strangers on the internet. Aside from her work, she also enjoys traveling, and spending time with dogs.

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