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Enterprise security architecture and app development

Stefaan Van daele
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Developing secure code is a good start, but what more could you do from security point of view? This session puts secure application development in the context of an Enterprise Security Architecture model and illustrates how these two processes interact.


Enterprise Security Architecture (ESA) is a mostly unknown aspect for most application developers. The primary security focus of developers lies on passing application security tests, which is just a part of the picture.

This session provides a brief introduction to ESA as a governance model for the CISO office. We explore how design principles, like zero trust, could be applied to solution design and what governance could mean in practice in a DevOps context. Since an ESA looks after all aspects of IT Security, it provides more contextual guidance for application developers.

Key takeaway

How Enterprise Security Architecture could help to improve the security posture of the applications developed for your organisation.

Content level


Target audience

Application Developers, IT Architects and Security Architects


Basic knowledge how IT security gets organised in an enterprise

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Stefaan Van daele

Stefaan Van daele

Executive Security Architect, IBM

Stefaan has more than 30 years of experience in IT and joined IBM in 1997. He is a Security Architect and, in that role, he fulfilled several positions at European and global level. His focus is both on security by design and effective security operations in support of an Enterprise Security Architecture. In his current role, he is assisting organisations in Europe with their journey to Cloud. He is also the global Lead Architect for the IBM Zero Trust Acceleration Services solution and the Secure Access Services Edge solution. He is co-author of the IBM Security Blueprint V3 Redbook.

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