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Implementing GDPR in software projects

Mykyta Petik
Monday June 13, 14:00 - 15:30
Short description

This sessions aims to provide a general overview of how to implement GDPR in SDLC and ensure compliance with privacy and personal data protection rules


Even the simplest software dealing with personal data has to take a number of legal issues into account, such as respect of user privacy and adherence to principles governing the processing of personal data. It is always easier to consider these factors early in development to avoid costly iterations in the future or even risk failing the project all together.

In this session, we explore a 'privacy-by-design' approach that helps developers take care of personal data processing requirements in their projects. We also discuss how to implement GDPR guidelines in an SDLC, and how to involve DPOs and lawyers in the process.

Key takeaway

Learn about key GDPR requirements to consider in their software projects as well as how to involve DPOs and lawyers in SDLC process

Content level


Target audience

Software engineers, business analysts, project managers, IT lawyers, DPOs


A general understanding of the SDLC, privacy, and data protection

Mykyta Petik

Mykyta Petik

Researcher, CiTiP, KU Leuven

Mykyta joined CiTiP in August 2019. He holds LL.B degree from Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University (2016), LL.M degree from Ghent University (2017, cum laude), and MA in IT Law degree from Tartu University (2018, MFA scholarship). His professional experience includes consulting Estonian, US and Ukrainian startups in matters of IT and IP law and work as a legal counsel in an international IT company. He is currently pursuing a PhD degree under the framework of 5GhOSTS MSCA project funded by the EU.

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