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Recent developments in OAuth

Dr. Torsten Lodderstedt
Wednesday June 15, 09:00 - 10:30
Short description

This session will introduce the audience to a couple of extensions to the OAuth standard that that help to build more secure systems in an easier and more interoperable way.


OAuth 2 has long grown beyond the original scope in the area of social networks. Nowadays, it is well established as THE mechanism for protecting access to all kinds of APIs, which includes security critical areas like finance or health.

To facilitate such use cases, the OAuth framework has been extended with a couple of extensions, such as Rich Authorization Requests (RAR) and Pushed Authorization Requests (PAR). This session offers an insight into those extensions, along with the FAPI 2 security and interoperability profile for OAuth.

Key takeaway

OAuth 2 was improved and simplified a lot in the last years.

Content level


Target audience

Developers, architects, security experts


A basic understanding of OAuth, or even better, practical experience

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Dr. Torsten Lodderstedt

Dr. Torsten Lodderstedt


Dr.-Ing. Torsten Lodderstedt is CTO of, a startup building an identity scheme for banks and their customers. Before joining, he served for a decade in different roles at Deutsche Telekom’s identity team, building and operating large-scale consumer identity services. Torsten has been contributing to identity standards for more than a decade. For example, he is co-author of OAuth 2.1, editor of OpenID Connect for Identity Assurance, co-author of OpenID for Verifiable Credentials, and co-chair of the PoC of the Global Assured Identity Network.

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