Inclusive SecAppDev Scholarships

SecAppDev is a world-class application security course. Unfortunately, coming to SecAppDev can be expensive. Registration fees are reasonable and provide good value, but we recognize that, combined with the added cost of travel, lodging, and spending a week away from home or the office, makes it unaffordable for some people. Often, people cannot meet such a cost early in their career, precisely when SecAppDev might have the most impact.

We feel many people that would significantly benefit from SecAppDev are missing out. As a non-profit aiming to improve the state-of-practice in software security, we want to fix that. With our Inclusive SecAppDev Scholarship program, we extend our support to people that would otherwise not make it to SecAppDev.

An Inclusive SecAppDev Scholarship consists of two key aspects. First, we offer you full financial support to attend the week-long SecAppDev course. Second, we enroll you in our mentorship program to help you prepare for SecAppDev and get the most out of your experience.

The Inclusive SecAppDev Scholarship targets application development professionals in all capacities. A professional working proficiency in English is required to ensure optimal participation. We invite anyone interested in attending to apply for a scholarship, regardless of your geographical or social situation.

Due to the cancellation of SecAppDev 2020 and 2021, the scholarship program is currently paused. We will revisit the program details for SecAppDev 2023.