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AI Security: Essentials to Advanced

Unpack AI security: business impacts, ethics, LLM challenges, privacy, and regulations like the EU AI Act. Essential for secure AI deployment.

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Dive into the crucial aspects of AI security, from its history to the latest in ethics, robustness, and regulatory compliance. This session covers AI's impact on business, ethical frameworks, reliability in code generation, security challenges unique to Large Language Models (LLMs), threat modeling, differential privacy, and the latest regulatory landscapes including the EU AI Act and the US Executive Order. Gain practical insights into mitigating risks and implementing secure, ethical AI solutions.

Key takeaway

Secure and ethical AI deployment requires understanding risks, regulations, and best practices in technology and governance.

Content level


Target audience

AI developers, security professionals


Familiarity with AI basics, security principles, and interest in ethical AI implementation.

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Jim Manico
Jim Manico

CEO, Manicode Security

Expertise: Secure coding, security engineering

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