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SecAppDev 2023

SecAppDev 2023 has come and gone, and it was absolutely fantastic! 13 experts delivered 2 inspiring keynotes, 20 engaging technical sessions, and 4 intensive one-day workshops. We were thrilled to guide participants through a week-long deep-dive into security, and the experience was truly enriching.

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Participant testimonials from SecAppDev 2023

We were overwhelmed by the positive response and enthusiastic feedback we received from our attendees. We're pleased to share a selection of remarks from the evaluations to give you an idea of the invaluable insights and experiences that were gained during SecAppDev 2023.

Excellent organization and amazing speakers! Has been a great experience for me and I would definitely want to return for the 2024 edition! Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity.

Thank you for the very nice and interesting week!

Wonderful convention, I'd love to come back again next year

Although it’s a long way from home and paying out of my pocket, the content, quality and location are top class. I felt that it’s really worth it. Being able to learn from the best and be in the same room with the Software Security juggernauts are a very humbling experience.

This is probably the best conference I've yet to attend (and I've been to quite a few). As well as the super-relevant topics, the profile of the conference and the number of attendees made for a perfect experience.

Plenty of kind words :-) Thanks once again for an excellent SecAppDev 2023 ... I really enjoyed myself while learning a ton more than I knew Monday morning 9 am. Fantastic speakers, great company with other participants, excellent venue and catering, awesome weather ... it all came together in perfect harmony.

Thanks a lot for all this hard work, we're lucky all these experts come to Belgium to share their knowledge.

Really good organization, content and speakers. Catering is perfect. Hope to be there next year.

A few pictures from SecAppDev 2023

Check out our photo gallery from SecAppDev 2023. These snapshots will give you a real feel for the event - the people, the atmosphere, and the excitement. Take a look and see what we're all about.

A picture from SecAppDev 2023 A picture from SecAppDev 2023
A picture from SecAppDev 2023 A picture from SecAppDev 2023
A picture from SecAppDev 2023 A picture from SecAppDev 2023

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