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Building a secure Software Development Lifecycle

How does an SDLC become a secure SDLC? In this session, we use real-world stories to identify and overcome challenges to integrate security into a development lifecycle. You will learn how to build and implement a high-value AppSec program.

Monday June 12th, 11:00 - 12:30
Room West Wing

Jim Manico once stated, "Software developers are security engineers, whether they know it, admit it, or like it.". But how does software engineering become security engineering? How does the software development lifecycle (SDLC) become secure?

This session will dive into the meaning of a secure SDLC, covering its various aspects, challenges, and pitfalls. We also explore how to hit the mark on that delicate trade-off between developer velocity and security assurance. You will walk away with actionable guidance on building and implementing a high value AppSec program.

Key takeaway

Learn how to initiate a software security program, manage the program on ongoing basis, keep it sustainable, and build stakeholder engagement and buy-in

Content level


Target audience

Developers, dev leads, appsec engineers, security champions.


Some experience with software development, preferably having been through a whole feature lifecycle from development through deploying to production (not mandatory)

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Avi Douglen
Avi Douglen

CEO, Bounce Security

Expertise: Product security, security processes, security tools, and threat modeling

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