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Entity authentication and key establishment

This session explains the principles of entity authentication, authenticated key establishment and Public Key Infrastructure. The lecture is illustrated with the protocols used in 3G, SSH, TLS, and Signal.

Wednesday June 14th, 11:00 - 12:30
Room Lemaire
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Entity authentication is a crucial component to establish secure communication channels. In this session, we explore how to use cryptography to authenticate a user or a device. We investigate how protocols used in 3G, SSH, TLS, and Signal use these concepts to establish a secure channel by combining authentication with agreement of a cryptographic key. Finally, we expand the scope to include certificates and Public Key Infrastructures (PKI), and identify how they help to establish secure channels.

Key takeaway

This session will explain how entity authentication and authenticated key establishment protocols work and will help you to choose the right protocol

Content level


Target audience

Anyone developing applications that require secure communication channels


A basic understanding of cryptographic algorithms is useful

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Bart Preneel
Bart Preneel

Professor, KU Leuven

Expertise: Cryptography, cybersecurity, and privacy

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Join us for SecAppDev. You will not regret it!

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