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OpenAPI: the common language of APIs

Understand how API contracts can be written in with the OpenAPI standard and leveraged across the API lifecycle, including for security.

Monday June 12th, 14:00 - 15:30
Room Lemaire

Introduced a decade ago, OpenAPI (formerly Swagger) aimed to document APIs in a language comprehensible to both humans and machines. Today, it serves as a key enabler for API design, testing, and security. In this session, we will explore the creation and maintenance of API contracts using the OpenAPI standard, examine real-life use cases (including OpenAI plugin development), and suggest an approach where robust API contracts can serve as a protective shield against vulnerabilities.

Key takeaway

Learning about the power and extensibility of OpenAPI and its application across the API lifecycle.

Content level


Target audience

Developers, architects, and AppSec professionals



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Isabelle Mauny
Isabelle Mauny

Field CTO, 42Crunch

Expertise: Integration, APIs, API Security

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